About Delirium


Delirium isn’t only a publisher, it’s a point of view. A lighthouse on the horizon of awareness.
We’re a group of individuals that know that out there, in the mist, there are some similar to them; we beam signals in the fog for travellers and throw bottles in the oceans, showing a route.
If you’re here, and your voice stands out of the choir, probably also you have found us. You just have to decide to dance and give us your point of view.
To die, to sleep, perchance to dream… but why not write!

We’re waiting for your ideas.


Norberto Bobbio

The duty of learned men, today more than ever, is to sow doubts, not to reap certainties.

- Norberto Bobbio, Politics and Culture, 1955

Our aim is to offer alternatives.

To peek for a moment beyong the veil of Maya, to whisper in your ear that the King is naked. Basically, we solemnly vow to gift you with doubts on the necessity of the status quo. We experiment on the present and the future; we wish to answer the voice, but the dust of the past. Think of an aesthetic for the new millennium.

This is what we are.

And you… who are you?

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