Francesca Mazzucato


Writer, translator, Baremboim lover, pornographer with a tightrope walker vocation, she lives in a frontier land but also, ideally, in Las Cruces (New Mexico) and in Berezino, Belarus. In a past life, and in a past frontier, she kept her biography written on rice-paper. Now she just wishes to remember her latest and hearfelt novel “Lettera d’amore a Bertrand Cantat” while waiting for the next important one, soon to come.

She sometimes thinks she resembles Krapp and that her life is a magnificent and exciting Endgame. Someone remembers her as the most famous “erotic-chic” Italian writer, but she merely shrugs and attempts a step on the tightrope.

With Delirium she has published Erotic Notes. Shards


Twitter: @eroticnotes

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