Why do I need a publisher?


Why publish with Delirium? 10 good reasons

Why do I need a publisher?
Publishers are companies who choose, publish and promote books. As a digital publisher, we are interested in ebooks in all their possibilities and differences. An author may decide to contact a publisher for many reasons; since culture can’t be separated from quality, the advantage of a choosing publisher, compared to self-publishing, lies in the relationship the author has with the different professionals of the publishing industry. An editor’s advice, the attention of a proof-reader, the skill of a designer in creating the digital product and the aesthetic views of an art director can’t be simulated by a machine.

Why do I need an editor?
The editor is the professional that chooses, considers and empowers a script. A different and skilled eye sees all the potential of a book: an editor is like an athlete’s coach before a race.

Why do I need a Proof-Reader?
Just like the author’s eye might need an editor’s advice, proof-readers check there are no technical errors or typos in the ultimate file that will generate both the ebook and the print version. Proof-readers are important because people who already know the book tend not to notice typos – simply because they already know what the sentence wants to say.

Why do I need a professional designer to create my ebook
Currently, the most popular ebook format is the epub, but there are many other standards around. Many readers use their own format, so not all ebooks are necessarily visible and readable on all readers. An ebook, that is ready to go on all distribution platforms, is no simple pdf. A professional approach to the problem of compatibility ensures diffusion and distribution, not only quality. Besides, we believe that ebooks are a medium with their own aethetic experience and a great deal of unexplored potential – that’s why Delirium is strongly experimenting in the field of the ebook intended also as an Application for mobile devices (iPhone, Android).

Why do I need a cover designer?
You don’t judge a book by its cover. Ideally. As a matter of fact, a book’s cover is its business card. A great cover will never make a bad book a good book, but a professional cover will attract the attention on the quality of the script.

Why do I need a translator?
It’s globalization baby. Why not? Reach more people, sell more copies!

Why do I need different distribution channels?
Online stores are an excellent way of engaging the ideal targets for our product. With an optimized categorization that allows our book to be seen, online stores give us the power to reach reader potentially interested in the topic we’re treating. Delirium is present on the world’s most important distributors in order to cover all the bases of the current sales circuits.

Why do I need marketing?
Because even the best book in the world won’t sell itself. The Internet works thanks to word of mouth, but you have to start somewhere! Marketing, in all the possibile channels, requires time we are willing to give you.

Why do I need social media marketing?
Social networks are the commonplace of the globalized world. Ebooks are born and grow online, but they need the chance to engage on a personal level the people that will determine its success. Authors are important and have to choose how to take care of their image, and we can help them in defining a strategy.

Why Delirium?
If you already are a famous writer, a professional in the publishing field, editor, proof-reader, programming multi-language graphic designer and ninja marketeer with the gift of omnipresence capable of doing al this… well then, you really don’t need us and you can go ahead with self-publishing. If you think we can help you with something, Contact Us. :)

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